Activate Construction Ltd is a South Wales-based building contractor that specializes in the construction of superior new builds and extensions. The company was established by Phillip Sheldon, a third-generation builder with a background as a former Royal engineer in the British Army. With numerous accreditations and a degree in construction, Phillip possesses extensive qualifications in the field.

    Activate has established a broad network of suppliers to successfully handle building projects of all scales, from initial concept to final completion. Our team is passionate about our work and consistently strives to surpass expectations. We take pride in our many satisfied clients who regularly recommend our services to their friends and family. We invite you to explore some of the reviews we have received.



      While Activate Construction specializes in new builds and extensions, our expertise extends beyond those areas. We offer a comprehensive range of services that include conversions, structural work, renovations, and everything in between. Consider us your one-stop shop for all your building needs.

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      Other Construction Services


      Activate Construction takes pride in being a leading provider of home, kitchen, and side return extensions in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. As the premier specialist builders in these fields, we have garnered a strong reputation for excellence. Our focus lies in delivering a diverse range of bespoke home extension projects designed to expand your living space and rejuvenate your home, both inside and out.

      Whether you need additional room for a growing family or wish to increase the value of your property, our extension designs are carefully crafted to meet your specific needs.

      At Activate Construction, we prioritize your requirements and ensure that every aspect of your extension project is meticulously planned and executed. With our dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to delivering outstanding results that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

      Structural Work

      Activate Construction provides expert structural construction services tailored to your needs. With our experienced structural engineer and reliable steel suppliers, we offer a wide range of solutions, from installing a single steel beam to conducting complete structural overhauls. Our dedicated team ensures the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, delivering exceptional results for your project. Trust Activate Construction to bring your vision to life and create a structurally sound space that exceeds your expectations.


      Activate Construction specializes in expert home extensions and conversions. We seamlessly extend your home, adding extra rooms or a larger kitchen. Additionally, we excel at transforming unused spaces like lofts or garages into functional areas that enhance your home. Let us help you realize the full potential of your living space. Contact Activate Construction today.

      Other Construction Services

      Activate Construction: Your One-Stop Shop for Home Construction and Improvement. At Activate Construction, we are not only experts in creating larger living spaces, but we also offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet all your construction and improvement needs.

      Our capabilities include:

      Bricklaying: Our skilled team can handle bricklaying projects, whether it's for new builds, extensions, or repairs.

      New Builds: From concept to completion, we have the expertise to construct your dream home from scratch.

      Groundworks & Foundations: We provide reliable groundwork and foundation services, ensuring a solid base for your construction projects.

      Plastering & Drylining: Our experienced plasterers deliver smooth, flawless finishes for walls and ceilings, while our drylining services provide efficient insulation and partitioning solutions.

      Garden Spaces: Enhance your outdoor area with our garden space services, including landscaping, patio installation, and decking.

      Dig Out & Muck Away: We offer excavation services, removing excess soil and waste to prepare your site for construction.

      Slabbing & Concrete Works: Our team can create durable and visually appealing slabs and carry out various concrete works, including foundations and driveways.

      Roofing: We specialize in both traditional and EPDM flat roofs, ensuring quality and long-lasting protection for your home.

      Rendering: Enhance the exterior of your property with our rendering services, adding a stylish and weather-resistant finish.

      Electrics & Plumbing: We provide comprehensive electrical and plumbing services, ensuring safe and efficient installations and repairs.

      Kitchens & Bathrooms: From design to installation, our experts can create stunning kitchens and bathrooms that meet your style and functionality requirements.

      At Activate Construction, we are your one-stop shop for all your home construction and improvement needs. Whether you want to build your home from scratch or enhance specific areas, we have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. Contact Activate Construction today and let us handle all aspects of your project

      Cardiff orangery complete downstairs overhaul with extensive structural alteration

      Activate Construction was approached by Anne and Michael to construct a large orangery-style extension at the rear of their property in Cardiff. The couple had been referred to us by a friend whose second-story extension we had recently completed. This positive recommendation served as a testament to our quality workmanship and professionalism.

      The project involved not only building the orangery extension but also undertaking significant structural work and a complete overhaul of the downstairs area. Our skilled team meticulously planned and executed each stage of the construction, ensuring attention to detail and adherence to Anne and Michael’s vision.

      Caerphilly Single-Story Extension with Structural Alteration

      Activate Construction was approached by a client in Caerphilly seeking a single-story extension with structural alterations to their property. After initial online discussions and showcasing our portfolio of previous projects, we were selected to undertake the project.

      The scope of the project involved constructing a single-story extension at the rear of the property and making structural alterations, including the removal of the rear wall to create an open-plan living area. Our skilled team meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring that the design seamlessly integrated with the existing structure while maximizing the available space.

      Two-Story Extension, Property Renovation, and Garden Overhaul

      Activate Construction was entrusted with a comprehensive project that encompassed a two-story extension, property renovation, and a complete garden overhaul. The clients were initially recommended our services by previous satisfied clients.

      The project began with the construction of a two-story extension, which involved major structural alterations and the installation of new roofs. Our skilled team meticulously executed the construction, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing structure and delivering exceptional results.

      Single-Story Timber Frame Extension

      Activate Construction was contacted by a client in response to one of our advertisements, seeking to have a single-story timber frame extension built. Following discussions and alterations in the design, the client chose us to undertake the project.

      The scope of the project involved the construction of a single-story timber frame extension, both internally and externally. The lightweight design of the timber frame allowed for efficient construction and provided a flexible and sustainable solution. The extension incorporated a staircase and provided additional office space, enhancing the functionality of the property.